Hydrogen Peroxide… is it Good or Bad?

Honestly, I have never heard anyone say anything bad about hydrogen peroxide until I went to get the actually scientific facts as to why it works for this blog. Personally, I use it for almost everything! It’s one of my 3 go to products! Since this is informational I decided to post both sides and of course I will debunk why anyone would say it is bad for you and let you decided for yourself. 

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been around since 1920’s and used as an antiseptic because it is effective in killing bacteria. (An antiseptic is a substance that prevents the growth of disease causing microorganisms)

Hydrogen peroxide is a compound made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. When the hydrogen peroxide hits the skin it activates pain receptors of the cells as it kills the bacteria. The sizzling/bubbling occurs when the molecule release the oxygen into the cells. The bacteria has an enzyme that fights the oxygen thus creating the sizzle.

It is true that hydrogen peroxide kills healthy cells too. Lately I have read more articles saying stay away from hydrogen peroxide for this reason yet these are the same companies, doctors and people that would support using chemo which always kills healthy cells. You can’t really have it both ways depending on what narrative works to your mindset at the time. Research is a dime a dozen these days and the results are too often skewed to the funding parent’s desired results.

*Personally, I would absolutely refuse chemo even if my life was on the timeline. Heck at that point I’d drink hydrogen peroxide preferable the food grade hydrogen peroxide if the physiology impact was appropriate.   The body has amazing ways of healing itself when giving the correct environment to do so. Check out Dr. Budwig and Cancer Outside the Box if you want more. Also check out how the rest of the world treats cancer they have a much higher success rate than the US.*

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural product so your body never builds up immunity against it.

The ways I use H2O2:

·         Wound healer

·         Toner

·         Detox in my bath

·         Teeth whitener

·          Sinus clearer

·         Vegetable wash (if vinegar is not available)