My Dad

My Dad

Dr. Mary E. Gladish 


Motivating individuals to adjust their daily regimes and forsake unhealthy disease causing habits is the one of the most perplexing aspects of being a physician. Disease is not normal. We are wonderfully designed to live healthy, energetic and vibrant lives. However, we have been conditioned to believe that disease is genetic and normal. We have a false understanding of what nutrition is and how it relates to our body’s cellular environment. The overall health of the individual cell makes up the health of the body. Many of the solutions are actually very simple and it is extremely sad to see so many people suffering needlessly.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so you will find photos here of my friends, family and I living our lives. My story became very real when my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012, he had basal cell cancer 5 years earlier went through the chemo route, which is the most devastating medical option to watch your loved one (or anyone) go through, if you have - my heart goes out to you. This time he decide he would not go through the chemo with a diagnosis of 6-9 months, he decided to follow Cancer outside the box ( containing Dr. Budwig’s protocol (, my Dad went from terminal 6 months to 10 more years in 4 months’ time changing only his diet.  Sadly, for my family’s story, hospital error killed him 9 months later. Losing my Dad started my mission to share the knowledge I have and continue to learn about how the body heals, health is more than the absence of disease; it is a total state of physical, mental, emotional spiritual and social well-being. 

House Calls w/ Dr. G is about breaking the boundaries of what is thought to be ‘normal’ health. My intention is to introduce a new vantage point to observe your overall health and wellness. Yes, some blog post will be provocative and poke at your very core knowledge of what we have been lead to believe, some blog post will be lighthearted and fun.  What is considered healthy does not resonate the same for every person thus we will have an immeasurable amount of possibilities for reclaiming your energy, health and vitality!

Where you go from here is truly up to you, if you provide your body and mind nourishment it can utilize your body can heal one cell at a time.   There is no magic pill or nutritional magic bullet, no quick fix, the change is a journey.  You have the power to commit to your health and forever change your life by looking at wellness from a completely different perspective.


Thank with all sincerity for following, I truly hope you find the benefits and the healthy lifestyle that works for you. 

Best Regards,
Dr. G  

** Lastly, yes I am a doctor, however I am not your doctor all content on this site and podcasts are for informational purposes. **