What do you consider healthy?  Ask yourself that question and get a clear view on your current idea of what your consider healthy for yourself and your family?


Does it include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? Should it?


Is it a deficiency in a drug or pharmaceutical? 


How does your emotional state contribute to your health? When you are stressed, tired, upset, angry or just numb from life your body reacts negatively, the energy goes to from heart to brain to body. It’s the quiet subconscious conversation in your head that makes the brain and heart connection. Your emotions determine what chemicals the brain releases into our bodies. What we normally associate with being ‘negative’ emotions the heart signals the brain to match those feelings. This has a direct impact on your immune system, you will find yourself more susceptible to colds, illness and diseases. 


Do you eat to nourish your body or eat for taste? 


Is it too late to get health? No, you are never too old nor is it ever too late. We are a product of what our family history on food. We pick up our parent(s) habits on eating as they did from their parent(s). Do you think about health when you are in 4th grade? When is the best time to learn about health...everyday is a perfect day to engage in your health. Make it a family fun activity, have the whole familiy participate in getting healthy as a family. 


What are you aiming for? What do you want to accomplish with your health? Celebrate every step forward and love yourself for the set backs. No one is perfect, we have good days, we have bad days that is part of healing and part of life. Love yourself always.


The best place to start? .... where you are and your willingness to move towards your personal goals


Germ Theory: 


The germ theory of disease states that some diseases are caused by microorganisms. These small organisms, too small to see without magnification, invade humans, animals, and other living hosts via Louis Pasture


Terrain Theory:


The terrain theory is the theory of disease proposed by Antoine Béchamp that a diseased body, the "terrain", will attract germs to come as scavengers of the weakened or poorly defended tissue.



Germ vs Terrain Theory – Which Do We Adopt To Be Healthy? 



Evolution takes time so do your results; small victories everyday count; do not give up when results are there tomorrow. 


**3 Steps 3 months:**

1. Drink half your body weight in ounces a day 

Bonus: add fresh sqeezed lemon or organic lemon essential oil to water = more alkaline

2. 2 Tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar (Braggs brand Dr. G uses) One in morning and one at night

3. Stay positive; be proud of yourself


Pain is the last symptom when your body is in distress. How far do you have to push your body to get to that distress alarm?


Healthy is your own personal choice own it for you


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Your health is your journey! We wish you all the wellness and vitality you seek.


Thank You for listening